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A collection of basic questions on Octoshape's VOD solution




Provisioned Octoshape VOD streams.




  1. Is Octoshape's VOD solution streaming or progressive download?
    • Octoshape's VOD is streamed via UDP transport.  It is also resident in the computer's memory only compared to other streaming or progressive download solutions where the video packets are stored on the local disk in temp files.
  2. What are the ingest methods for Octoshape?
    • Octoshape's provides ftp upload, origin pull and a java uploader tool.
  3. FTP VOD file - how do I track them?
    • In your ftp root directory that is a file called log.txt that may be prefixed with a date.  This is a log file for files that are processed by the ftp vod file processor.  Please read our Streaming VOD FTP Ingest Point
  4. What are the allowable vod stream files, format and extensions?
    • asf
    • wmv
    • wma
    • flv
    • mp3
    • mpeg
    • ncr
    • mp4
    • m4a
    • m4v
    • f4v
    • mov
  5. Where are the VOD statistics?
    • The vod statistics are available in the Octoshape Statistics Portal.
    • Method 1: aggregate report for all vod files
      • Select create report
      • Select the stream called, "customername/*" and run the report
    • Method 2: report on an invidividual vod file
      • Select create report
      • Scroll to the bottom of the page
      • In the field enter the name of your VOD file
      • Run the report