Domain Authentication, Token Authentication, Security to Protect Your Streams

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This feature will allow streams to only playback from their specified domains or subdomains.




  1. Octoshape/Infinite Product Stream
  2. Customer Octoshape Players using OSMF plug-in with V206 or newer (around 2011-11-01) or ASOSA SDK with V206 or newer (around 2011-11-01)
  3. IHDP, Infinite HD Player.




  1. Security Features
    • Domain check: The flash player code verifies the hosting domain website is an allowed domain. This is done by executing a javascript call to the containing website for the URL.  Due to browser security policies we are unable to support domain validation within an iframe.
      • This prevents 3rd party websites from:
        • embedding the Flash player from the specified domain into another rogue domain
        • using HMTL iframe to show your player or content into another rogue domain
    • Adobe's Flash player's cross domain policies:
      • This will ensure the swf file is hosted on the specified allowed domain(s). The Octoshape client issues a key to the player that is HTTP posted back to the Octoshape client via a localhost URL. From the URL the Octoshape client serves a crossdomain.xml file that only allows communication from the configured domains.
    • Token Authentication: