iOS SDK for Mobile App Performance

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Ver 17.12.124

Uploaded July 12th 2016

Release Notes:

- Ensure proper pairing of startEvent/stopEvent



Ver 17.12.121

Uploaded July 8th 2016

Release Notes:

- Allow requests to succeed while SDK's network setup is in progress.

- Change timestamps on logEvent/startEvent/stopEvent from seconds to milliseconds.

- Retain APNS token after unregister so user receives pushes after registering under a new segment.

- Further iOS 8 support; set minimum build in samples to iOS 8.4.


Ver 17.12.102

Uploaded June 3rd 2016

Release Notes:

- Zip file contains Swift example app.

- Analytics are always sent regardless of acceleration capability, so we can compare with/without acceleration.

- Support for developer APNS certificates for use in customer’s debug builds.



Ver 17.12.86

Uploaded  May 12th 2016

Release Notes:

- bug fixes



Ver 17.12.84

Uploaded  May 6th 2016

Release Notes:

Enhancements and bug fixes

  • Fix assert due to race condition during cancel of downloads.
  • Fix crash due to race when setting serverHostOverride before service has initialized.
  • Add a “didInitialize" callback to notify users when Accelerator is available.
  • Improved reclaim space from expired content.  Expiration is based on response headers.
  • Various fixes for logging in after deregister.
  • Congestion fixes including calling user callback if connect-to-host fails.

Minor Changes

  • Cleanup to the public header interfaces.
  • Send analytics responseCode=0 when connection is bad or offline