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Adaptive Media Player for Web

Integration Guide

Akamai Adaptive Media Player (AMP) for Web is the simple way to provide any-device, anywhere, anytime playback for Akamai Media Delivery solutions for both desktop and mobile web.


AMP provides a turnkey media playback experience for online media consumption in a web page. With AMP, you can:

  • Improve video quality by enabling advanced video delivery and quality techniques, such as adaptive streaming technology, HTTP protocols, and secure streaming
  • Address desktop (Flash) and mobile (HTML5) for desktop, iOS, and Android* coverage
  • Easily integrate into your sites via parameterized configuration and JS API’s
  • Be "responsive" to layout and device
  • Play different formats like: HLS, DASH, MP4, CMAF, MP3, HDS.
  • Report audience, content, and operational data for Akamai Media Analytics
  • Enforce content protection via Token Auth, Player Verification, Media Encryption
  • Provide readiness for current or new transcoding processes
  • Offer closed captioning
  • Enable live broadcasts and events
  • Leverage both Akamai expertise to provide fast time-to-market


In addition to the basic functionalities, AMP Premier provides the following third party integrations:

  • Leverage Doubleclick DFP Premium (IMA3), VAST, Freewheel for ad serving of pre-rolls, mid-rolls, companions and overlays
  • Have instant integration for Comscore, Nielsen, Adobe


This document provides an overview for how to install, configure, and deploy the player. Please note that this document is designed to address both flavors of the player and the additional functionalities found in the Premier player will be denoted as such.

AMP is a commercial product with a monthly fee. It features unlimited support from a dedicated team and a continuously updated product with bug fixes and new features. It is downloadable once contracted for purchase or a trial. 


Please submit any questions or suggestions to




Visual Overview

AMP - Visual Overview

Initial setup and Test deployment

AMP Web- Initial setup and Test deployment

Customer integration overview

AMP - Customer integration overview

Production Deployment

AMP - Production Deployment

Deployment for share and SSL hosts

AMP - Deployment for share and SSL hosts


AMP - Configuration

HTML5 Visual customization

AMP - HTML5 Visual customization

Social Media Sharing

AMP - Social Media Sharing

Event Management

AMP - Event Management 


AMP - Analytics

Chromecast & AirPlay

AMP - Chromecast & AirPlay 

Closed Captions

AMP - Closed Captions

Seek Preview

AMP - Seek Preview


AMP - Localization


AMP - Parameterization or Binding

Live Streams

AMP - Live Streams

Content Feed

AMP - Content Feed

Player Mode & Stream selection

AMP - Player Mode & Stream selection

Advertising (Premier Only)

AMP - Advertising

Authorization (Premier Only)

AMP - Authorization




AMP - Octoshape

Tuning player loading

AMP - Tuning player loading

Debugging / Troubleshooting

AMP - Debugging / Troubleshooting

Device Compatibility

AMP - Device Compatibility

Plugin Adapter

AMP - Plugin Adapter


Upgrade notes

AMP - Upgrade Notes




AMP - Frequently Asked Questions 

AMP - Frequently Asked Questions (Flash)

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