AMP - Production Deployment

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Maintainer: Andrea Zuniga

This document is part of Adaptive Media Player Web User Guide


To deploy in production not all the files from the Release package are needed. In this page we describe what files are really important, helping you to somplify the process of deploy.

Essential files

In a production deployment only the following files should be needed.

amp.premier/AkamaiPremierPlayer.swfFlash binary
amp.premier/AkamaiPremierPlayer-debug.swfFlash binary – debug version
amp.premier/amp.premier.min.cssHTML5 player CSS (min)
amp.premier/amp.premier.min.jsOverall player wrapper and HTML5 Player (min)
amp.premier/amp.premier.xmlSample config file (defaults)
amp.premier/amp.svgGraphics supporting the player
amp.premier/bar.pngGraphics supporting the player
  resources/pluginsFlash plugins

Caching of Deployment Files

  1. For production usage, you should cache the player and supporting files appropriately
  2. Player-polled, frequently-changing files should have delivery performance specially tuned to protect origin, using techniques such as ultra-low TTL, Akamai’s make-public-early, and other techniques.
  3. Ensure that CORS headers are set or unrestricted access to content feed
  4. Ensure the closed caption files are opened with crossdomain.xml and CORS headers.

How to Embed

Please check AMP - Fundamentals of the embed



This document is part of Adaptive Media Player Web User Guide