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AMP allows the use of Locales, which is very useful, since not all the people understands the same languages. AMP has available a long list of labes that can be customized to be used in the language that you prefer, or just adapt the texts according with you needs.


To edit/add the locales you can go to "" or to the appropriate file according with your version.


Below are the Locales used in Premier version In much older versions this can be found in xml format.




"locales": {

  "en": {

        "MSG_TIME_SEPARATOR": " / ",

        "MSG_EMAIL_TO": "To",

        "MSG_EMAIL_FROM": "From",

        "MSG_EMAIL_VIDEO": "Email this video",

        "MSG_EMAIL_MESSAGE_DEFAULT": "Check out this video from ***",

        "MSG_EMAIL_MESSAGE": "Message",

        "MSG_EMAIL_ADDRESS_INVALID": "Invalid Email Address",

        "MSG_EMAIL_MESSAGE_INVALID": "Please limit your message to 500 characters or less.",

        "MSG_EMAIL_CHARACTERS_REMAINING_TEXT": " characters left",

        "MSG_EMAIL_SEND_FAILURE": "Message could not be sent.",

        "MSG_EMAIL_SEND_SUCCESS_MESSAGE": "Your email has been sent!",

        "MSG_SHARE_VIDEO_TEXT": "Share this video...",

        "MSG_POST_TEXT": "Post",

        "MSG_EMBED_TEXT": "Embed",

        "MSG_LINK_TEXT": "Link",

        "MSG_SHARE_CONNECT_FAILURE": "Unable to connect. Please try again.",

        "MSG_SHARE_CONTENT_DISABLED": "Share and embed are disabled.",

        "MSG_VERSION_TEXT": "Version",

        "MSG_BUFFERING_TEXT": "buffering",

        "MSG_CUSTOMIZE_CLIP_POINTS": "Customize the start and end point of the video.",

        "MSG_PAUSE": "Pause",

        "MSG_PREVIEW": "Preview",

        "MSG_CURRENT": "Current",

        "MSG_SEEK_TO": "Seek to",

        "MSG_LIVE": "LIVE",

        "MSG_DEFAULT_ERROR_MESSAGE": "Sorry, we were unable to play the media you selected. Please try again, or select alternate media.",

        "MSG_ERROR_PREFIX": "Error encountered:",

        "MSG_STREAM_NOT_FOUND": "Stream not found",

        "MSG_CURRENT_WORKING_BANDWIDTH": "Current working bandwidth",

        "MSG_CURRENT_BITRATE_PLAYING": "Current bitrate playing",

        "MSG_MAX_BITRATE_AVAILABLE": "Max bitrate available",

        "MSG_NOT_AVAILABLE": "Not Available",

        "MSG_GO_LIVE": "GO LIVE",

        "MSG_REPLAY": "Replay",

        "MSG_NEXT_VIDEO": "Video starts in: ",

        "MSG_RECOMMENDED": "Recommended",

        "MSG_VIEW_ALL": "View all ",

        "MSG_VIDEO": " videos",

        "MSG_CC": "CC",

        "MSG_CC_TITLE": "Caption",

        "MSG_CC_LANGUAGE": "Track :",

        "MSG_CC_PRESETS": "Presets :",

        "MSG_CC_FONT": "Font :",

        "MSG_CC_EDGE": "Edge :",

        "MSG_CC_SIZE": "Size :",

        "MSG_CC_SCROLL": "Scroll :",

        "MSG_CC_COLOR": "Color :",

        "MSG_CC_BACKGROUND": "Background :",

        "MSG_CC_WINDOW": "Window :",

        "MSG_CC_OPACITY": "Opacity :",

        "MSG_CC_SHOW_ADVANCED": "Show Advanced Settings",

        "MSG_CC_HIDE_ADVANCED": "Hide Advanced Settings",

        "MSG_NEXT_AD": "Next ad starts in: ",

        "MSG_CC_RESET": "Default",

        "MSG_CC_CANCEL": "Cancel",

        "MSG_CC_APPLY": "Apply",

        "MSG_EN": "English",

        "MSG_ES": "Spanish",

        "MSG_DE": "German",

        "MSG_FR": "French",

        "MSG_IT": "Italian",

        "MSG_RU": "Russian",

        "MSG_ZH": "Chinese",

        "MSG_CHROMECAST_MESSAGE": "Video playing on another screen",

        "MSG_RETRY_MESSAGE": "Content not yet available, retrying in",

        "MS      G_SECONDS": "seconds",

        "MSG_RETRY_FAILED": "Retry failed",

        "MSG_RECOMMENDATIONS_TITLE": "Recommended"


  "es": {

        "MSG_TIME_SEPARATOR": " / ",

        "MSG_EMAIL_TO": "Para",

        "MSG_EMAIL_FROM": "De",

        "MSG_EMAIL_VIDEO": "Enviar este vídeo",

        "MSG_EMAIL_MESSAGE_DEFAULT": "Echa un vistazo a este video de ***",

        "MSG_EMAIL_MESSAGE": "Mensaje",

        "MSG_EMAIL_ADDRESS_INVALID": "Dirección de correo electrónico inválida",

        "MSG_EMAIL_MESSAGE_INVALID": "Por favor limite su mensaje a 500 caracteres o menos.",

        "MSG_EMAIL_CHARACTERS_REMAINING_TEXT": "caracteres restantes",

        "MSG_EMAIL_SEND_FAILURE": "El mensaje no pudo ser enviado.",

        "MSG_EMAIL_SEND_SUCCESS_MESSAGE": "Tu email ha sido enviado!",

        "MSG_SHARE_VIDEO_TEXT": "Comparte este vídeo...",

        "MSG_POST_TEXT": "Enviar",

        "MSG_EMBED_TEXT": "Incrustar",

        "MSG_LINK_TEXT": "Enlace",

        "MSG_SHARE_CONNECT_FAILURE": "No se puede conectar. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo.",

        "MSG_SHARE_CONTENT_DISABLED": "Compartir e incrustar están desactivados.",

        "MSG_VERSION_TEXT": "Versión",

        "MSG_BUFFERING_TEXT": "cargando",

        "MSG_CUSTOMIZE_CLIP_POINTS": "Personalizar el punto inicial y final del video.",

        "MSG_PAUSE": "Pausar",

        "MSG_PREVIEW": "Vista previa",

        "MSG_CURRENT": "Actual",

        "MSG_SEEK_TO": "Ir a",

        "MSG_LIVE": "EN VIVO",

        "MSG_DEFAULT_ERROR_MESSAGE": "Lo sentimos, no hemos podido procesar las fuentes seleccionadas. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo, o seleccione fuentes alternativas.",

        "MSG_ERROR_PREFIX": "Se produjo un error:",

        "MSG_STREAM_NOT_FOUND": "Stream no se encontrado",

        "MSG_CURRENT_WORKING_BANDWIDTH": "Ancho de banda actual",

        "MSG_CURRENT_BITRATE_PLAYING": "Tasa de bits de reproducción actual",

        "MSG_MAX_BITRATE_AVAILABLE": "Tasa de bits máxima disponible",

        "MSG_NOT_AVAILABLE": "No está disponible",

        "MSG_GO_LIVE": "EN VIVO",

        "MSG_REPLAY": "Repetir",

        "MSG_NEXT_VIDEO": "El próximo video comienza en: ",

        "MSG_RECOMMENDED": "Recomendado",

        "MSG_VIEW_ALL": "Ver todo ",

        "MSG_VIDEO": " videos",

        "MSG_CC": "CC",

        "MSG_CC_TITLE": "Subtitulo"

        "MSG_CC_LANGUAGE": "Track :"

        "MSG_CC_PRESETS": "Preajuste :"

        "MSG_CC_FONT": "Fuente :"

        "MSG_CC_EDGE": "Borde :"

        "MSG_CC_SIZE": "Tamaño :"

        "MSG_CC_SCROLL": "Scroll :"

        "MSG_CC_COLOR": "Color :"

        "MSG_CC_BACKGROUND": "Fondo :"

        "MSG_CC_WINDOW": "Ventana :"

        "MSG_CC_OPACITY": "Opacidad :"

        "MSG_CC_SHOW_ADVANCED": "Mostrar Ajustes Avanzados"

        "MSG_CC_HIDE_ADVANCED": "Ocultar Ajustes Avanzados"

        "MSG_NEXT_AD": "Proximo anuncio inicia en: "

        "MSG_CC_RESET": "Default"

        "MSG_CC_CANCEL": "Cancel"

        "MSG_CC_APPLY": "Applicar"

        "MSG_CC_PREVIEW_TEXT": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..",

        "MSG_EN": "Inglés",

        "MSG_ES": "Español",

        "MSG_DE": "Alemán",

        "MSG_FR": "Francés",

        "MSG_IT": "Italiano",

        "MSG_RU": "Ruso",

        "MSG_ZH": "Chino",

        "MSG_CHROMECAST_MESSAGE": "Video mostrandose en otra pantalla"

        "MSG_RETRY_MESSAGE": "Contenido no disponible, intentando de nuevo en",

        "MSG_SECONDS": "segundos",

        "MSG_RETRY_FAILED": "Reitento fallido",

        "MSG_RECOMMENDATIONS_TITLE": "Recomendado"





This document is part of Adaptive Media Player Web User Guide