Akamai Adaptive Media Player Android SDK brief

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Maintainer: Orlando Sanchez Martinez and Jason Gamboa

This document is part of AMP Android SDK 




About Android AMP SDK

Akamai’s Android AMP SDK is a multimedia playback component for native Android applications. 


Formats supported

  • HLS
  • MPEG-Dash
  • SmoothStreaming
  • PMD (mp4, mp3, 3gp, others)



  • Easy integration
  • Simple API for playback control
  • Plays Video-On-Demand [VOD], live streams and PMD videos.
  • Renders multi bit-rate and single bit-rate content (adaptive playback)
  • Support for DVR and seeking for live streaming.
  • Support for audio-only playback in background (Radio applications)
  • Built-in support for secure streaming
  • AES content encryption
  • Token authentication support
  • Integrated with Akamai Media Analytics
  • Tight integration with other Akamai products: Infinite Media Acceleration, Predictive Content Delivery, Media Acceleration and Efficiency



  • Close Captions: CEA-608 and WebVTT
  • ID3 Tags
  • Ads:
    • Google IMA
    • Freewheel
  • Analytics
    • Akamai Media Analytics
    • Google Analytics
    • Nielsen DCR (Certified by Nielsen)
    • Comscore Streamsense
    • Adobe Heartbeat
  • UI Controllers
    • For mobile devices (phones and tables)
    • For TV Apps
  • Google Chromecast Module
  • 360 and VR support



This document is part of AMP Android SDK