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This document is part of Adaptive Media Player Web User Guide





Welcome to the AMP-MAN, this tool has been built in order to make easier for we and our customers test specific video components such as media streams, video on demand, advertising, closed captions, plugins and AMP features on desktop and mobile devices as well. AMP-MAN is not part of official Akamai media test tools, because this tool is focus to Adaptive media player built versions, if you want to see the official the official test tool go to the following section [Akamai test tools ]

You can access this tool here: AMP-MAN  and this other one HTTPS based: AMP-MAN. At the end of this page there is a screenshot of the AMP MAN page, so you can get a better idea of the tool while you read this page.


Getting started


Selecting version

First thing first, you need to determine which version of player is in your test scope, there is a dropdown list with the latest AMP version available for test, latest version is selected by default.

Choose playback mode

Once you choose the player version version you need to select the playback mode, basically it means the player mode could be HTML5 video tag or Flash. For more info about player modes you can also read  AMP - Player Mode & Stream selection


Autoplay and HLS plugin

Then there are optional inputs such as:

  1. Autoplay: If you want to get autoplay once AMP has been created you need to enable it.
  2. HLS plugin: This is the most important and newest feature in our player, right now you can play HLS everywhere by enabling this feature



Most of our customers has advertising in their sites even in video player, in order to test their ad tags in our player. For this you need to enable the Ads box and paste on the adTag url or VAST URL into, after doing this you need to select an specific media and then submit your choices.


Media and Feed data

There are 5 options available for you in order to test media streams such as HLS, HDS, RTMP, DASH, MP4 and Octoshape. For test purposes you need to enable the properly media content box and use our test stream placed there by default or use yours.
In other cases if your goal is to test a specific feed there is an option for it, you need to paste all JSON data there and then submit your choices. If you need more info about Feed you should visit AMP - Content Feed


Closed Captions

There are many captions formats available for AMP, in order to test captions and a specific caption file you need to enable the features there is an input that you can handle, after enabling this you should be able to see a dropdown list with captions formats or types and a text input for your caption file location, by default there is our test caption file. For more info about CC AMP - Closed Captions


Advanced options

This tool has inline page logs in order to identify customer playback / player problems in any device, even you can use developers tool.
Start bit rate selector is another advanced option for performance request, you can test how faster could start playing AMP any media. Last but not least there is a playback speed rate available for HTML5 player mode.  


Akamai test tools


Akamai flash Support Player (HDS)
Akamai ios Support Player (HTTP Live Streaming)   



AMP MAN screenshot



This document is part of Adaptive Media Player Web User Guide