AMP Android SDK: Developer Guide

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 AMP SDK for Android


Akamai’s Android AMP SDK is a multimedia playback component for native Android applications. 


Formats supported

  • HLS
  • MPEG-Dash
  • SmoothStreaming
  • PMD (mp4, mp3, 3gp, others)



  • Easy integration
  • Simple API for playback control
  • Plays Video-On-Demand [VOD], live streams and PMD videos.
  • Renders multi bit-rate and single bit-rate content (adaptive playback)
  • Support for DVR and seeking for live streaming.
  • Support for audio-only playback in background (Radio applications)
  • Built-in support for secure streaming
  • AES content encryption
  • Token authentication support
  • DRM support



These are the additions we have to the core playback:

AMP is distributed in two versions: Standard and Premier.

Premier includes the Ads and Analytics plugins.

To download them, reach out to us.



For more information, support, integration assistance or others, reach out to our team on


More information

Visual Overview

Basic integration 

Decoding modes

Basic playback methods 

Managing playback events 

Retrieving playback information 

Package contents  


Configuration Files 

Error handling 

Logging and debugging


Migration Guide (from v5 to v6)