AMP Android SDK: Logging and debugging

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Maintainer: Orlando Sanchez Martinez

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These methods aid with logging and debugging respectively: Enables/disables log traces (Android DDMS log traces). Log is disabled by default. When submitting a support ticket, please send the full Android logs (call this method with true). Activates/deactivates the Android SDK mechanism for getting debug information from the player. When enabled, the Android SDK will send debug information to a remote server after each playback. The remote server is defined using the method setDebugUrl. When debugging mode is active, each time the player finishes playing a stream it sends a debug report to the URL defined using this method.

The URL parameter allows three variables that will be replaced dynamically just before sending the information:

  • %DEVICEID. Device ID. It could be NULL if the device doesn’t have a specific device ID.
  • %TIME. Time when the playback finished, in epoch UNIX format.
  • %ERRORCODE. Latest error code (0 if playback was successful, otherwise a value < 0).

A sample URL would be:



This document is part of AMP Android SDK