Blocking Requests & Other Hidden Chrome Developer Tools

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Chrome Developer Tools is one of the most important utilities in my day-to-day duties as a consultant at Akamai.  In the course of looking for an easy way to block specific requests in Chrome to test its effect on a page I came across an interesting StackOverflow thread:

As abd3721 mentioned this is available directly within chrome DevTools (You don't need to be on canary anymore), however it is still behind a flag and in the hidden experimental features menu. As of the time of this comment, Chrome stable is on version 53.

To enable it, navigate to chrome://flags/#enable-devtools-experiments and click the enable link under the appropriate flag.

Then in DevTools open up the settings panel(F1) and click on the experiments tab. This lists all currently available DevTools experiments but it is still in yet another hidden set of features.

Press Shift 6 times while in the experiments tab to show even more hidden features, one of them will be Request Blocking.


Hit Shift 6 times???? Somebody's gotta be yanking my chain.  But, just for kicks, I thought I would give it a try.



1.  Navigate to chrome://flags/#enable-devtools-experiments and click enable. Relaunch Chrome.


2. Open up Developer Tools.  Open up the Settings panel (hit F1) and choose the now visible Experiments tab.


3.  Hit Shift 6 times.  (Okay, but I am so going to flame the guy that posted this if it doesn't work...)




And as a bonus, I don't even need to run Chrome Canary anymore to get CPU Throttling.  How awesome is that???

[This was enabled by default in Chrome Dev Tools already now: CPU throttling is now enabled by default in Chrome DevTools    for simulating… ]


I plan to check out some of the other "hidden" tools, particularly the Blackbox JavaScript frames which I had seen mentioned on Twitter before.  If you have insight to any of the other experimental tools in Chrome, drop a comment and share!



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