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AnswerX is a key component of Akamai's Suite of DNS services and solutions. Akamai Technical Support provides 7 X 24 Support 365 days a year to customers with valid Service Agreements. For your convenience, Akamai provides multiple options for requesting and receiving technical support.


Requesting AnswerX Support Via Email:

Send email to and cc: all email addresses at your organization that you want informed of case updates. Your email will automatically create a case at severity 3 within our case tracking system and will send the case opener a case number.

Please also phone to escalate any Severity 1 or Severity 2 issues, especially out of East Coast US business hours. When you call to escalate a case, please provide your Akamai case number.


In your email, please include:

• The AnswerX product you are contacting us about

• A description of the request or issue you are reporting. Include any symptoms or differences from the expected behavior to better characterize your issue.


For DNS issues, please include the output of a “dns +trace” to illustrate the problem


For AnswerX Licensed customers, also include:

• The IP addresses of the client or system experiencing the issue

• The IP Address of the device

• The software version, as reported by “answerx/bin/answerx –v”


• Attach any associated files such as logs, network traces, and screen captures that can help us resolve your issue/request. If these files are too large to email, let us know they exist and we can coordinate delivery.

• AnswerX Licensed customers can use a script in the tools/ subdirectory to upload a diagnostic package to Akamai’s servers. Prior to version 2016.1, this script is but as of version 2016.1, this script is


Requesting AnswerX Support Via Phone:

The Akamai Customer Support Hotline is available 24x7x365. An Akamai Support Engineer will answer your call and escalate to the AnswerX support team for troubleshooting and resolution.

We do recommend opening the initial case by email and then calling to follow up, so that logs and other details are directly available to the AnswerX support team.

To navigate the phone tree (as of August 2016): Press 2 (Technical support), then press #, then press 4 for Aura products including AnswerX.

When you call, please identify yourself as an AnswerX customer so that your call can be correctly tracked.


Phone Numbers: 1-877-4-AKATEC (1-877-425-2832)


International phone numbers are also available here.


Requesting Support Via the Akamai Luna Portal:

Visit us online at Log in and from there, you will have access to Akamai Luna portal. You will find product documentation, a software library for software downloads, and online support case management. Online case management allows you to:

• Open a new support case

• Manage active support cases (check status, add comments, upload files, etc).

• Search and view active and closed cases

Click “Support” at the top of the web page to reach the support portal. To create a new support case online click on Report a Technical Issue and choose the applicable product. Please provide the following information in the “Case Info” form:

• The product involved: AnswerX Licensed, AnswerX Managed, or AnswerX Cloud. If you do not see these options, please select “Other”

• Please enter a brief title for your case in the Subject field

• Enter the Severity of your issue according to the definitions below


Severity Levels

The Severity level for a case should identify the impact the technical issue has on your network

or business operation. When you contact Akamai Technical Support, please indicate the

Severity level of your issue based on the guidelines below:


SEVERITY 1 - Critical Service Impact - Catastrophic impact to business operations

The AnswerX solution is significantly impaired and unavailable to multiple user locations.

Example of Severity 1 issues include:

• AnswerX solution is down causing end-users to experience a total loss

of service

• Continuous or frequent instabilities affecting nameservice on a significant portion

of the network/system

• Creation or existence of a safety hazard

Initial Contact: Thirty (30) minutes or less

As the global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, Akamai makes the Internet fast, reliable and secure for its customers. The company's

advanced web performance, mobile performance, cloud security and media delivery solutions are revolutionizing how businesses optimize consumer,

enterprise and entertainment experiences for any device, anywhere. To learn how Akamai solutions and its team of Internet experts are helping businesses move faster forward, please visit or, and follow @Akamai on Twitter.


Akamai is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the United States with operations in more than 57 offices around the world. Our services and

renowned customer care are designed to enable businesses to provide an unparalleled Internet experience for their customers worldwide. Addresses,

phone numbers and contact information for all locations are listed on


SEVERITY 2 - Major Service Impact - Significant impact to business operations

There is a repeatable inability to use the applicable AnswerX solution from a single location or region.

Example of Severity 2 issues include:

• Network or system event causing intermittent impact to end-users

• Loss of redundancy

• Loss of routine administrative or diagnostic capability

Initial Contact: Two (2) hours or less


SEVERITY 3 - Minor Service Impact – Limited or no impact to business operations

Non-urgent matter or information request

Example of Severity 3 issues include:

• Issues seen in a test or pre-production environment

• Information requests

• Clarification of documentation

Initial Contact: One (1) business day or less