AMP Android SDK: Support

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If you found an issue, reach out to our team on


The following are ALL required:

  1. Clear steps to replicate the issue
  2. Sample stream URL
  3. Details about the device:
    • Brand
    • Model
    • Android OS version
  4. Akamai AMP SDK details:
    • Version (query it with the constant AMPLibraryInfo.VERSION)
    • Mode (are you calling VideoPlayerContainer.setDefaultMode()? If so, what constant are you using?)
    • Other modules in use (besides the core)
  5. Full logs you got from the original device. Please add this line to your code so we can get as much information as possible:


This other information is optional, but if you have it/can share it, it would be very useful:

  • Google Play or Amazon Appstore URL of your app
  • Source code or demo replicating the issue
    • If you can't share all your source code, perhaps you can share only the .java files of the AMP SDK integration into your app