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This sections provides an overview of the following topics:

  • Self Service workflow
  • Troubleshooting
  • Support
  • Optimization engine




About the Application

OCA is intended to speed up the on-boarding and time-to-go-live for new Akamai customers. 


About Self Service

A self-service customer is any customer that has signed up for an Akamai product without any Professional Services package.


Internal Work Flow

You can access OCA from the following locations:

  • Marketplace
  • Luna Control Center
  • Standalone link 


When creating a property in OCA, the system uses information about the customer mostly collected by eRSS or Marketplace.


What determines whether a customer is a self-service candidate or not is based on the following criteria:

  • Self selected: Whether new or existing; the customer can elect to utilize Marketplace, OCA or Property Manager. 
  • Pre-Sales Directed: Pre-sales are accountable for defining the best-fit integration type for customers and making that recommendation. They do this during general gating and discovery, and record the recommendation and/or final decision in the eRSS.
  •  IAT Directed (existing customers): Technical members of the Integrated Account Team (IAT), as part of ongoing account development and growth, may teach and/or direct the customer to utilize self-service options.



Resolving a technical issue requires understanding of the tool, and activities to be performed to resolve.


The following sequence of actions can assist in assessing and resolving a problem.

  1. Identify the issue or potential problem.
  2. Determine the probable cause.
  3. Attempt to resolve taking into account the tools available and user experience.
  4. Verify corrections and test.
  5. If the following do not resolve or the user does not have the knowledge , please contact support.

When troubleshooting always keep in mind that an On boarding Configuration Assistance property is also composed of an XML file, hence the standard code reviews and definitions remains the same.


Support Workflow

Where should a self-service customer go when they have a question?


https://community.akamai.com is customer’s support channel to not only connect with Akamai experts but also with other Akamai customers.

You can go to community for questions like:

  • How do I configure …. ?
  • Where can I find documentation related to …?
  • How do I test my changes?
  • Where can I find new product updates?
  • Issues being faced on the Staging network
  • Where can I find information on how other customers are using the same services?

Account Team

Customer should contact their account team if they need answers to below type of questions:

  • Billing Questions.
  • Services Package Request. (For purchase or ienquiry around purchasing)
  • Request for a product upgrade.
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • 0$ approvals or paid integrations
  • Awareness of Performance issues post ‘Go-Live’ (possibly technical issues) (ex: higher abandonment rates, lower conversion,etc.) even if routed via AkaTec.
  • Property Type changes during product upgrades (Should get planned as part of sales process already.)
  • Discussion on new-requirements
  • Trials and Proof-of-Concept
  • Site assessment or Configuration analysis
  • Issues with Akamai support (internal or AkaTec) (Internal could generally mean escalation. The customer is unable to get something fixed via AkaTec, so contact the sales team).


Akamai’s technical support is available 24X7 for any technical escalations after the customer has gone live with Akamai. Some of the questions that would be right to call the support hotline are:

  • Traffic is pushed live, but my site is broken.
  • CPS related issues
  • Performance/Offload issues post ‘Go-Live’.
  • Break-fix issues (functionality issues).
  • Performance issues post ‘Go-Live’ (possibly technical issues) (ex: higher abandonment rates, lower conversion,etc.)
  • Issues with Luna Control Center Tools (Purge/Invalidate etc.)
  • LUNA related issues (login issues, UI issues)



Optimization Engine

What a customer sees here?

Recommendations via email of how they can optimize their configuration over time. The email links back to OCA in the portal where changes can be applied.



Maintenance is impacted by the recommendation engine workflow mentioned above. Customers will automatically receive recommendations after 48 hours (this may change as we tweak things) of going live with OCA. They do have the option of opting out of those emails after the first one has arrived. If you leave the OCA workflow and make a change in Property Manager, you will lose the recommendations at this time.



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