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Fast Purge (formerly known as Fast Invalidation) has now entered General Availability and is enabled for all customers. Fast Purge is a powerful way to use long TTLs on objects cached at Akamai, while simultaneously being able to quickly update the cached content. This release incorporates substantially increased performance and rate limiting of requests. Customers can now update content instantly.


If you are using our v2 API, your requests will always hit the older Content Control Utility (CCU) backend. If you are using the newer v3 API, your requests will always use the new Fast Purge backend. If you are using v3, but have explicitly turned Fast Purge OFF via the transition app, you will need to migrate back to the v2 API to keep using CCU.


Coming later this year are fast purge by CPCode and Cache Tag. The former accelerates CPCode purge times to Fast Purge times, providing a benefit if you have segmented your site by CPCode for more granular purges. The latter gives you a new, declarative way to track items in Akamai’s cache, and clear part of that cache selectively with your own rules. CPCode purge enters beta in mid-May, while cache-tags will enter beta in early July.


Where to find Fast Purge within Luna




Q: How do I get access to Fast Purge?

A: Fast Purge is now a part of all base products. All customers should have access to it regardless of contract line item.


Q: How do I access the Fast Purge UI?

A: Once logged into Luna, select Publish/Fast Purge from the mega-menu.


Q: How can I use the Fast Purge API?

A: Start by reading this API documentation. You may then begin issuing API requests after generating the proper credentials using the Manage APIs app. You may also find this blogpost about how to migrate to the new API helpful.


Q: Do I still need to use the Transition App?

A: The Transition App is no longer needed.  The V3 API will by default use Fast Purge. If you want to use CCU, please stick with V2 API.


Q: What if I have a question that is not answered here?

A: Please submit your question below.