FAQ's about the Manage API's interface

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General Questions

About “Manage APIs”

The Identity and Access Management interface (also called "IDM") is the second phase of a project to consolidate all of the user management (including API clients, Luna users, SSO/SAML configurations, IP Whitelisting, User profile and Contact Management) into one convenient interface.

On March 9, 2018, the new unified User Management interface (Configure > Organization > Manage Users & Groups) was released.


What is the difference between the old Manage API’s and this new one?

The goal of this interface is to combine of Luna, SOAP API, and {OPEN} API users in one place, as well as other user related resources.


What is a Client API Owner?

The API Owner is the Luna user which is associated to the API Client and by which permissions and access are derived.

Only API Owners can generate new set of credentials (Client token and Secret)

Only API Owners can edit the client’s authorization (API access) if they possess IDM Admin or IDM Non-Admin privileges as part of their user assigned role.


What is a Client API Creator?

The API Creator is the Luna user who created the API client with initial settings.  

The API Creator is able manage ownership changes, enable and disable client tokens.


The “New API Client for Me” button is inactive.  Why is that?

In order to manage and create API clients, you will need either:

  • To have an Admin role, or
  • Have a role with the IDM Admin, or IDM Non-Admin Manage API Clients permissions


If you are a re-seller managing one of your account, you will not be able to create new API Client under them.


About the {OPEN} API Client Migration initiative

For detailed information about dates, plans: Manage APIs (Beta) Frequently Asked Questions 


Some of our old API client are missing from the the new interface.  What happened?

On April 22, 2017, we performed a migration of all the eligible API clients (Client Type: “API”) to the new interface and added a read-only record for Luna users (Client Type: “User”).

Some API clients were deemed non-conforming to the new model.  While there are a few reasons why an API clients might be declared non-conforming, the more common reason is the presence of multiple access tokens.


Can I retrieve/view the old API Client?

No.  The non-migrated clients are not retrievable and have been set with an expiration date of (Updated) April 18, 2018.


What are steps to take?

We recommend creating a new client.


API Specific Questions

I want to grant Property Manager API (PAPI) access to my new API client, but the Property Manager entry is grayed out/disabled

PAPI, as well as a few other API's, are limited in the sense that the client can only be associated to one contract (ACG).  If you hover on the word "Unavailable", the tooltip will mention that "Not Available due to multiple groups selected in Step 1"


If the API Owner (ie: the Luna user which is associated to your API client) has access to more than one contract, you will need to explicitly select only one contract on step 1 of the New API Client creation wizard.

In addition, the Owner needs to have at least read access to Property Manager.


If you need PAPI access on multiple contracts, you will have to create one API client per contract.

There is a long-term plan to allow PAPI access to multiple contract from the same API client.

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