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The Content Translation Service enables Akamai Community users to contribute in your language of choice, and to translate content and comments if they have been posted in an unfamiliar language. Translations are performed by the content translation service sending selected user content to a configured, external, third party Microsoft Translator Service. 


Languages currently support as of June 1, 2017 for the Microsoft Translator are: 




The Content Translation Service enables users to translate  content posted in the community. This feature will translate content from all native content types and comments posted on those content types.






The "Translate" button will display on the menu bar, for all users. The "Translate" button is located on the top right hand corner of the screen beside the "Actions" button.


Default language: If you click directly on TRANSLATE the default destination language is the same as a users browser setting, a user can over ride that setting by selecting their language choice in their Jive user preferences. Clicking on the "Translate" button will translated the content to your default language. Click on the "Translate" button again, and it will revert back to the original language. 


Non-Default language: The "Translate" button also has a drop down menu of all the destination languages available to the end user, the user can select one of these to override their default destination language. In the image below the user can select from any one of the Microsoft Translator supported languages (currently 60) Once selected this is the language that content will be translated into. . The language selection can be changed at any time, and returns to the default when the user moves to another page.

In this example we have selected Traditional Chinese. 



Comments are not automatically translated. A user can choose to translate a comment. Refreshing the page, moving to another page or "undo Translation" will reset the language to its original text.



Notice that in the example below we selected Traditional Chinese for the 1st comment and not the 2nd. Each comment must be translated separately. 



Translation is available throughout the Akamai Community. If you experience any problems, please contact community@akamai.com 



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