Akamai Adaptive Media Player - iOS SDK - Standard Releases

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Adaptive Media Player (AMP) for Devices - Standard : iOS/tvOS


Latest build:

Build 4.1.75 - 06/02/2017 

  • Adding support to DRM on AMP iOS and tvOS.
  • Fix issue on mp4 streams playback startup time.


Previous builds:

Build 4.1.74 - 05/19/2017 

  • Integrate Chromecast Module on Core.
  • Fixes Samples
  • Integrate new plugins on Standar version


Build 4.1.71 - 05/05/2017 

  • Bug Fixing
  • Samples Update to Support Swift 3.1


Build 4.1 - 04/24/2017 

  • Support new Xocde and Swift version


Build 4.0 - 04/08/2017 

  • Swift 3 support
  • Support WebVTT captions files
  • New Integrated UI you don’t need anymore a UICore Module
  • New YoSpace Ads Plugin
  • Adding support to Freewheel on tvOS


Build 3.65 - 12/28/2016 - ChangeLog

  • Fix error on some live streams
  • Adding simulator target to tvOS


Build 3.64 - 12/12/2016 - ChangeLog

  • Fix error on tvOS when send app to revision at App Store


Build 3.63 - 12/07/2016 - ChangeLog

  • Create extra initializer for Nielsen.
  • Fix crash issues related to NielsenDCR.


Build 3.62 - 11/29/2016 - ChangeLog

  • Fix wrong behavior of poster image on tvOS
  • Adding methods to set the playerview on tvOS


Build 3.61 - 11/22/2016 - ChangeLog

  • Adding fully support to poster image on iOS and tvOS
  • Improve the way of how to release delegates and callbacks


Build 3.60 - 11/21/2016 - ChangeLog

  • Adding Support to Akamai MAE
  • Adding support to Akamai Event Manager
  • Bug Fixes


Build 3.59 - 10/25/2016 - ChangeLog

  • Fix Player went off after 2 secs of playback
  • Fix Player disappear for secs when moving the play head position on timeline for HLS streams
  • Fix Chromecast issues
  • Fix Media analytics beacons( a=s,a=p ) are triggered automatically without playback begins.
  • Create custom logging logic


Build 3.58 - 10/07/2016 - ChangeLog

  • Create Comscore sample
  • Prepare Sample for Google Analytics
  • Update Nielsen Library to support iOS 10
  • Create Lincense System


Build 3.57 - 09/27/2016 - ChangeLog

  • Remove dependency third party libraries dependency
  • Update tvOS version
  • Update Nielsen Plugin for iOS 10 support


Build 3.56 - 09/14/2016 - ChangeLog

  • Adding support for iOS 10 and Swift 2.3


Build 3.55 - 08/26/2016 - ChangeLog

  • New Nielsen DCR Plugin
  • New Comscore Plugin
  • New Adobe Heartbeat Plugin
  • Improve performance and Crash fixes


Build 2.33 - 10/09/2015 

  • Double/single taps are not recognized on half part of fullscreen mode of landscape orientation
  • IOS9 || In hours place dots are displaying and changes randomly of playback time on control bar options
  • IMA ads are not paused when the application moved to background & return to foreground.
  • The order in which configureVideoPlayer is called is sometimes wrong
  • Akamai conflicting with other libraries over NSData+Base64
  • Auto play not working without ads
  • Manage Multi-Track Audio from a simple UI selector + low level code
  • Fix warnings on submit
  • Fix Crash on CC support when no locale is defined or available


Build 2.32 - 09/25/2015 

  • Double tap gesture is not recognized in IMA Google pre-roll,mid-roll & post-roll ads.
  • Can't dealloc video player classes
  • Control bar does not appear when tapping on subsequently-loaded video
  • Document all the classes & methods to generate the technical document
  • Pause icon is not displaying when IMA ads are playing in video player
  • Fixed Akamai conflicting with other libraries over NSData+Base64
  • Fixed ExternalViewController.h file not found error in 2.32


Build 2.30 - 08/28/2015

  • Control bar only appears if you tap on video in full screen portrait
  • Create a Freewheel plugin for the SDK
  • Can't dealloc video player classes
  • Add Freewheel Ads Support


Build 2.29 - 08/14/2015 

  • Durant JSON file causes the SDK to infinitely call configure Video Player
  • Certain videos play audio but no video
  • Crash in fullscreenCompletion
  • Crashes on unrecognized selector sent to instance
  • Improve our current analytics plugins
  • Fix the MoviePlayer bug, where it wouldn’t start playing without ads
  • Block the play/pause buttons when there is an ad playing


Build 2.28 - 07/24/2015 

  • IOSSDK-145: Create mid roll and post roll ad support (edited)
  • IOSSDK-69 Prepare workflow for Standard Version builds
  • IOSSDK-147: Implemented optional callback that gives SDK target frame for animation when player exits fullscreen
  • IOSSDK-148 Create a build using the AdMob Ads Framework to avoid duplicate symbols
  • IOSSDK-155: Replay button does not hide
  • Add a new state to the Akamai SDK, replayButtonEnabled.
  • Handle the replayButton in the AdsManager if it is disabled.
  • Show the replayButton in the ViewController if it is disabled.
  • Bug fixes


Build 2.27 - 07/10/2015 

  • IOSSDK-144 - Modify SDK init signatures for License and ALL SAMPLES
  • IOSSDK-140 - NSInvalidArgumentException in AMPFeed.m line 388
  • IOSSDK-143 - iOS: Control bar does not appear when tapping on subsequently-loaded video
  • IOSSDK-142 - Crash in NSKVODeallocate
  • IOSSDK-141 - AkamaiSDK.framework remove logs debug output
  • IOSSDK-127 - Update the script and packager workflow to generate a Google IMA beta12 compliant version rather than beta 14
  • IOSSDK-105 - Video playing in PIP, goes fullscreen portrait even in landscape (iPad)
  • IOSSDK-138 - Review octoshape implementation code
  • IOSSDK-130 - Add license Support


Build 1.8.88 - 06/30/2015

  • Update Workspace and AkamaiSDK project to increment version number by itself with X.X.YYY where YYY is the number to be incremented automatically.
  • Update on all demos


Build 1.8.64 - 06/29/2015

  • Fix version variable on iossdk.sh
  • Change the position of the sed update version
  • Update the release script to auto update the version number inside the SDK
  • Package the sdk as a Framework, scripts updated. Done an tested on a demo integration project. You only have to drag and drop the directory from the finder into your project, and all paths will be set for you by Xcode. Much simpler solution than before.
  • Package the sdk as a Framework moved commands code into functions in sub-scripts inside Script directory
  • IOSExamplePresentViewController: Pause the SDK when the app goes to background
  • Player can’t resize while video is loading issue wrong implementation in the demo provided by the customer, missing the protocol and methods for close/load/configure but i could fix some issues for the video player which didn’t inherit the correct frame at init time
  • IOSExamplePresentViewController: fix estrange behavior when rotate on the example


Build 1.8.50 - 05/28/2015

  • BLEACHRAMP-34: Fix Audio Notification crashes
  • IOSSDK-108 Properties for video duration & current time - Bleacher-33. getDuration, getCurrentTime
  • BLEACHRAMP-30: Crash in createPlayerView
  • IOSSDK-110 Adding MA support without config file
  • Fix crashes on press the done button
  • Bug Fixes


Build - 04/24/2015

  • BLEACHRAMP-27: wrong ad frame, rotation of ad when in fullscreen and playing pre-roll.
  • BLEACHRAMP-26: Play multiple videos in a row with the same AMP config loaded (check new demo in BRdemo)
  • BLEACHRAMP-25: Fullscreen controls smaller in some cases
  • BLEACHRAMP-22: Fullscreen controls smaller during Google IMA pre-roll
  • Bug Fixes


For support you can contact us through email: amp-sdk-support@akamai.com