Launching SOASTAStore for Training

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SOASTAStore is a Wordpress-based application that is used by Akamai for demonstrations and training.  You can use, or launch your own version as described in this article.


The AMI is ami-988f49f0 with the name "SOASTAStore V22.6 Public".  Because you get will get a different IP address each time you launch, there are a few steps you need to follow, which are listed below. The whole process should take about 5 minutes, essentially just the time it takes to boot the image.


You also have the option of saving this as your own AMI, if you like.  Go into the Public Images.  Launch it using whatever size instance is appropriate.  We typically launch it as a Large.


You probably want to give it a name so that it's easy to tell, if logged into the AWS console, what the instance is for. Otherwise, choose most of the defaults as you go through the process, just in step 6 choose "Select an existing security group" and select "SOASTAStore Default".  You don’t need a key pair.



This is a Wordpress image.  


Enter the instance IP address into the browser once the checks complete and you should have your own SOASTA Store that is ready to go. Amazon will give you a Public DNS that looks something like  The IP address in this case would be  


Storefront :

Admin : 

Reset :   - If you have trouble with your instance, try this first.


Login using the credentials admin/CloudTest as the username and password.  This will bring you to the Wordpress Dashboard.