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Coming soon, you have the new Resource Groups value source, which allows you to track the timing of the most important Resources on your page.

It has the ability to wrap a specific set of resources with a timer, so that the timer fires only after all those resources have loaded.

It is also a simple way to monitor a set of resources organized in a dedicated container or individual resources to be monitored for their performance impact on a page.


Boomerang version 1.413 or higher

How to Configure a Resource Groups

1. Go to Central > Apps, then open your app or create a new one.

2. On the Timers tab, select Resource Groups in the Value Source field. 

Note the following:

  • You can create multiple entries.
  • If you have chosen a SPA framework, which is located on the General tab, the SPA Soft and SPA Hard checkboxes will appear, and the Page Load checkbox will not appear.
  • If you have chosen to instrument an XHR, which is located on the General tab, the XHR checkbox will appear.
  • For the URL pattern, only the first pattern that matches the current page will be used.