Session Tracking Across Multiple Domains

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As of mPulse 57.0.15, you now have the ability to run mPulse on multiple domains that are aliases of each other.

Tip: The new Sessions tab has been created in the Configure Web/Mobile App, and the Enable Cookies for Session Tracking field has been moved to this new Sessions tab.


Note 1If you have domain aliases added to the domain list and you deselect the Enable session tracking across multiple domains checkbox, then the system stops to track the multiple domains. It saves the aliases, so you do not have to type them again when you decided to continue tracking.
Note 2: The Enable session tracking across multiple domains checkbox is available only if you select the Enable Cookies for Session Tracking checkbox.


Boomerang minimum version: 1.394 or later

Example and are the same website, but with different domain names. If an user enters the site by using site1 and searches for something, the search results can show up under site2.

As a result, mPulse tracks the sessions across site1 and site2.

How to Setup Session Tracking Across Multiple Domains

1- Go to Central > Apps.

2- Double click your Web app to open the advanced configuration window.

3- On the Sessions tab, click the Enable session tracking across multiple domains field.

4- Add one domain at a time in the Specify domains field. Note that the API key is associated with the primary domain. 

4- Download the provided HTML file or copy the code provided, and place this code on your primary domain.

5- Supply the URL of the page where the code was entered.


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