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Apply to specific objects, such as the ability to read or write a specific app. For example, when you right click on the app and select Permissions, you are you able  to see read/write/execute permissions. The permissions are set on the app, not on the user.



Things you can (or can't) do with the system as a whole (what you see in the User Editor). For example, create new apps.

Creating Users (User Admin)

Before instrumenting your web site, it is a good idea to create users for your colleagues. User creation requires the User Administration privilege.

1. Go to Central > Users & Groups.

2. Click the New icon on the Central toolbar (top left).

The User Editor box appears. Ensure that the user you create has the necessary Admin roles; most notably App Admin should be assigned to developers charged with the task of instrumenting and/or configuring a web app. An end user in mPulse can consume all the beacon data for a configured web app without any additional privileges.


The Server Resource privilege includes the ability to configure servers as well as to access the mPulse Grid UI. Users without admin rights will not see the Central > Apps list, but can access system dashboards as well as configure custom dashboards for themselves. An App Administrator may have additional privileges beyond those shown above.

3. Enter a user name, full name, and the email address for the user account.

4. Enter a user password and then confirm it by entering it a second time. Note that users can change their own password via the Central > Account page.

5. If more than one tenant exists on the mPulse instance, select one by clicking the Tenants tab to assign this user to it.

6. Assign privileges to the user.

7. Click OK and then notify the user of their new account and password.