Dynatrace Integration

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As of mPulse 57.0.10, mPulse can be integrated with Dynatrace data sources. mPulse will query Dynatrace dashboards for specific metrics, allowing you to view Dynatrace results in mPulse.



Note: Currently, this integration is only for cloud based/publicly accessible Dynatrace instances that are not behind the firewall.


Integrating Dynatrace Data

There are three components to Dynatrace integration:

  1. You must setup the metrics in Dynatrace that you want mPulse to retrieve.
  2. You must establish an external data source connection in mPulse that will retrieve information from Dynatrace.
  3. You must add Dynatrace widgets to your mPulse dashboards.

1. Setup Metric in Dynatrace

You must set up a specific metric in Dynatrace where mPulse will retrieve data. In addition, you must ensure that any filters on the Dynatrace dashboard are disabled so mPulse can query any time range.

  1. Log into your Dynatrace instance, right-click and select Configure Series.

  1. Click Add.

  1. In the Select a Measure window, navigate to System Monitoring > Host Performance > CPU Total Time (for example).
  1. In the Select Measure Splitting menu, choose Agent Host (i.e. mPulse).
  1. Click Add. Once you add a "measure," it will appear under the Measure list (as you can see in step 6 below).

  1. Click OK.


Note: If you require any more details on setting up a Dynatrace Dashboard, please visit the Dynatrace documentation website.


Disable Filters

In order for mPulse to query specific time ranges, you must disable any Dynatrace filter enabled on the Dynatrace dashboard.

  1. Right-click on the Dynatrace dashboard and select Dashlet Properties.

  1. Click the Source tab, and then the Edit button under Filter.

  1. You must deselect Enable Dashlet specific filter and click OK.

2. Setup External Data Source in mPulse

You must add Dynatrace as an external data source to your mPulse instance.

  1. Log into your mPulse instance and click External Data Sources in the Central tab (under Monitoring).

  1. When the External Data Source Editor appears, fill in the proper information and select Dynatrace in the Type category. Filling this information out and saving will automatically create a "dynatrace" folder under Widget Type in the Dashboard data panel.
    • The URL will be the IP address of your Dynatrace server. You must also specify the REST managment port of 8021, eg.
    • The User Name and Password are the credentials to your Dynatrace server.


Note: Click Test Connection to test your connection to your Dynatrace Server. This can help ensure the Dynatrace integration is successful.


  1. Click OK when you're done

3. Setup Dynatrace Widget in mPulse

Use an existing dashboard or create a new one for the Dynatrace widgets. You can compare mPulse results or other third party data sources with Dynatrace results.

  1. Go to Dashboard in the Central tab and select create new.
  1. Name your new Dashboard.
  1. On the new Dashboard screen, open the data panel on left and navigate to your Dynatrace widgets.