mPulse Boomerang (1.334.1456175784)

Document created by DPM Admin Employee on Jul 13, 2017
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Please note that this version of Boomerang has a known issue with the History plug-in.  Please contact SOASTA Support for more information


This release includes the following enhancements:


  • XHR instrumentation uses ResourceTiming if available for more accurate performance metrics.
  • ResourceTiming can be configured to clear the ResourceTiming entries after each beacon.
  • Single Page App navigations now calculate Front-End (t_page) and Back-End (t_resp) metrics.
  • Single Page App navigations can be configured to tell Boomerang to hold the SPA beacon until the page has completed other non-network activity.
  • XHR instrumentation can be configured to send XHR beacons for every XHR, instead of combining them during SPA navigations.
  • Custom Metric JavaScript variables can be configured to be captured only on specific URLs.
  • XHR instrumentation has a new optional snippet that helps instrument XHR before boomerang.js has been loaded.
  • Single Page App navigations now include NavigationTiming and/or ResourceTiming metrics for hard and soft navigations.
  • Support for Angular ui-router is now available.
  • URLs captured via ResourceTiming are now limited to 1,000 characters.
  • Support for React is now available.
  • Other Single Page App is supported by using the window.History and onhashchange monitoring.
  • ResourceTiming2 encoded, decoded, and transfer sizes are collected.
  • Configurable option to override the name of the “RT” cookie is now available.

Bug Fixes

This release includes the following bug fixes:

  • Issue 196: Fixes the t_done merging when two XHRs complete at the same time.
  • Issue 214: Keep config.js refresh nodes around for one cycle to ensure that the browser does not remove them before they are executed.
  • Issue 231: SPA navigations might wait indefinitely for IFRAMEs that were removed from the DOM.
  • Issue 249: Do not fire a non-SPA beacon when SPA support is enabled.
  • Issue 250: Wait for page onload before firing a SPA Hard Nav.
  • Issue 260: Revert form.submit() behavior back to original style.
  • Issue 271: Ensure we do not send bad t_page values from responseStart/responseEnd inversions on iOS.
  • Issue 299: Fixes race condition with manual beacons.
  • Issue 305: Wrap all sub-frame accesses in try/catch to avoid “Permission Denied” errors.
  • Issue 307: Fixes XHR error codes were not being tracked in some cases.
  • Issue 313: Fixes conflict with other third-party XHR instrumentation.
  • Issue 315: SPA navigation beacons being sent when autorun=false for prerender.