Recording a TouchTest Scenario (Android + iOS)

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Once the TouchTest Agent profile is installed and device access approved you are ready to record your TouchTest.

  1. Create a new test clip within TouchTest.
  2. Click Record within the Clip Editor and then choose Mobile App Recording, specify the Device Agent, and then the mobile app whose actions you want to record.
  3. Perform the app actions on the mobile device to capture them in the new test clip.

Create a TouchTest Clip

Prepare your device for recording and create a new clip that will be used to perform mobile app recording and serve as the basis for your TouchTest.

  1. Open the TouchTest Agent on your mobile device (Safari for iOS users), and click Login (your previously entered user name and password should be auto-populated). Once successfully logged on, the device Status will be Connected.


TIP: For those using iOS 9 or above, any time your device launches a new URL (for the first time only), you need to tap Open twice. First, to allow TouchTest Agent to open the new app and second, to allow the app to open TouchTest Agent. These actions will resemble the pop-ups below.


  1. Login to TouchTest on your desktop computer and select Central > Clips, and then click New on the Central toolbar.

  1. A new Untitled Test Clip opens in a Clip Editor tab. A Record pop-up identifies the Record drop-down. Once ready, click the Record button and then select Record Mobile App.

  1. The Choose a Device Agent and Mobile App box appears. Select the TouchTest Agent that you created above and also select the mobile app you’d like to test. Note that in the shot below mobile apps are listed for the select device agent. 

  1. Click the Record button in the wizard once your selection is made. TouchTest Agent will launch the selected app on the selected device.

Note: If the Mobile Device Administrator (or TouchTest Lite user) has completed the steps above to associate one or more mobile apps with the device, those apps will appear in the Mobile App list whenever that device is selected. If no mobile app has been defined for the selected device agent, the Mobile App list will be empty.


TIP: For developers and admins both, ensure that the MakeAppTouchTestable steps have been applied to your app and that the TouchTest  agent is associated with a mobile app.

Pause Recording

You have the ability to pause at any moment during a recording to:

  • View your app
  • Eliminate unwanted actions
  • Save time getting your app to a state where you want it to record actions
  • Add more actions to a clip
  • Correct locators in the middle of a clip
  • Add more waits, outputs, or validations to an existing clip using touch locator
  • Record screenshots to use in validations for all cases on a specific page

To pause at any moment, click the Pause Recording option.

Next Step

Congratulations! You've completed the essentials for getting started with TouchTest. Don't worry, there are plenty more topics to keep you busy. The TouchTest Android Tutorial and TouchTest iOS Tutorial contain a wealth of information regarding recordings, editing, error analysis, and much more. You may also want to check out other TouchTest tutorials, which focus on advanced topics like Continuous Integration.


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