Install TouchTest Agent & Register Device to Use TouchTest (Android)

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Once the mobile app is built, installed, and the corresponding mobile app exists in SOASTA Central, use the following steps to install an agent. The TouchTest™ Agent is responsible for launching the apps that are being tested on a given device. This Android app runs in Android devices running 2.3.3 or later.


Note: If these steps have already been performed on a given device, proceed to Recording a TouchTest Scenario.


  1. From your Android device, download the TouchTest Agent Android app from the Central tab > Resources page. Tap on the downloaded TouchTestAgent.apk file (usually found in the device's notification tray) to start Install.

  1. When the installer appears, tap Install to proceed.

Note: You can also download the TouchTest Agent on the /touchtest URL of the TouchTest Environment.


  1. Once install completes, tap Open to launch the TouchTest Agent app on the Android device. When you do so, the app launches and the TouchTest Agent splash screen displays.

  1. Enter the TouchTest URL for TouchTest, which is your own server with /concerto/touchtest appended: http:///concerto/touchtest. For example, a user with an Apple router running TouchTest Lite might connect to:
  1. Tap Go. The TouchTest Agent opens the provided URL and a spinner appears as the app auto-registers itself.

  1. Once the spinner disappears, enter your TouchTest user name and password and tap Login. If the spinner hangs, tap the screen to clear it.
  1. When prompted, give the TouchTest Agent a name. For example Soasta Demo Nexus. Note that this name will be used throughout the product to refer to this device. Once entered the device name can only be changed by an Administrator.
  1. The TouchTest Agent page will appear with the status Connected for the first time. On subsequent launches tap Login to Connect and Logout to Disconnect.


Associating Mobile Apps with a Specific Device

Once a device is approved, use the following steps to assign one or more mobile apps to that device.

  1. In Central > Device Clouds, select the mobile device. For example, Soasta Demo Nexus as shown below.

  1. In the lower panel, click the Mobile Apps tab. If necessary, use the Maximize button to increase the workspace.
  1. Check the Mobile App(s) that you want to authorize this device to access. For example, DroidFish and/or Zirco Browser.
  1. Click Save on the lower panel toolbar before proceeding.


Next Step

Now that you've registered your device to use TouchTest you can begin your first recording! Please click here for basic instructions on creating a recording. If you want to delve into more details, like clip editing or error analysis, visit the TouchTest Android Tutorial.


Go to: TouchTest Onboarding