Assigning Mobile App(s) to a Device Agent

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If the Mobile App list for a selected device is not populated, there can be two reasons:

  • The required TouchTest integration steps for developers haven 't been performed.
  • The required Device Agent registration steps for any given device have not been performed, and/or the subsequent Device Agent approval steps haven't yet been performed by the Mobile Device Administrator.

Refer to the TouchTest™ Tutorial's, Make a Mobile App TouchTestable section for concise instructions about this utility and your XCode project. For an advanced guide see the SOASTA TouchTest™ Developer Guide.

Concise instructions for a Mobile Device Administrator to approve a Device Agent for a given mobile device and then associate one or mobile apps with it are presented below. For more detailed instructions, refer to the TouchTest™ Tutorial's, Approving a Mobile Device (Administrator Only) section for concise instructions to approve a device and associate one or more mobile app(s) with it. TouchTest™ includes the MakeAppTouchTestable utility, which will automatically add the necessary components to an existing Xcode project to deploy TouchTest™. This utility will also create the Mobile App entry in CloudTest®. In some cases, it will be necessary to add a mobile app manually using the Central > Mobile Apps list.

Approving a Device Agent and Associating Mobile App(s) With It (Administrator Only)

The TouchTest™ Mobile Device Administrator has the responsibility to approve or reject the devices attempting to join testing. Administrators will use the following steps to approve or reject the devices attempting to join.

  1. Login as the user with mobile device administrative rights.
  2. Click Central > Device Clouds.

Those devices that have the status Pending Approval need administrative attention:

  1. Click Approve to complete adding a device and Reject to deny its access.

Once the Device Agent is approved, a Mobile Device Administrator must then associate it with one or more Mobile Apps. This is done per device.

  1. In Central > Device Clouds, select the mobile device.
  2. In the lower panel, click the Mobile Apps tab. If necessary, use the Maximize button to increase the workspace.
  3. Check the Moblile App(s) that you want to authorize this device to access and then click Save on the lower panel toolbar.