Configuring a TouchTest Agent

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The TouchTest Agent is responsible for launching the mobile apps that are being tested. In iOS, it is a web application that is served from the CloudTest server and runs in mobile Safari on iOS devices. In Android, the TouchTest Agent is a separate app available from the Google Play Store).

  1. To get started, browse to the TouchTest Agent URL on the mobile device and perform the one-time registration steps that will enable your device for use with TouchTest.

Note: If you clear your cookies on the given mobile device after registration, you may need to register your device again so that TouchTest can recognize it. This does not consume an additional license.

  1. On the mobile device, launch Safari and point it to your CloudTest or CloudTest Lite URL with "/touchtest" appended to the end

For example, if you are a CloudTest Lite user whose CloudTest Lite URL is "" then point the mobile Safari to ""

  • The TouchTest Agent (shown right) appears. Login using your SOASTA CloudTest user name and password. If the device is not already registered, the Register Device page appears.
  • Click the Register Device button to continue. The Unique Device Identifier (UDID) will be used to register the mobile device for use with TouchTest.
  1. First, the Install Profile screen appears. Click the Install button to proceed.
  2. The Unsigned Profile alert appears to indicate that mobile device settings will be changed. Click Install Now to proceed.
  3. If a passcode is in effect on the mobile device, an additional prompt will appear to authorize the profile installation.
  • When prompted, give the TouchTest Agent a name. For example Tester iPad. Provide an TouchTest Agent name .For example, My iPad. Note that this name will be used throughout CloudTest to refer to this device. Once entered the device name can only be changed by an Administrator.
  • Once ready, click Submit for administrator approval.

Once the request for Administrator approval has been made, the TouchTest Agent will continue to poll CloudTest for approval.

Note:  It is not necessary to keep the TouchTest Agent running while this approval is pending. The TouchTest Agent will resume polling for its approval once restarted.

If your device is approved by the Mobile Device Administrator, the Connected page will appear the first time TouchTest is launched in Safari on the approved device.

On subsequent launches click Login to Connect and Logout to Disconnect.