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Maintainer: Herberth Alvarado

This document is part of Adaptive Media Player Web User Guide


Seek Preview



AMP has a built-in Seek Preview feature. It is pretty easy to use. It is available to use with feeds or without feeds.


With Feeds

In the feed sample, the specific values to get the Seek Preview are:

"previewThumbnailSrc": "",
"previewThumbnailWidth": "112",
"previewThumbnailHeight": "63",
"previewThumbnailCount": "21",

previewThumbnailSrc: folder containing the images.

previewThumbnailWidth & previewThumbnailHeight: size of the images in the player.

previewThumbnailCount: amount of images to display. This value should match the amount of images in the folder. If the number is higher than the actual number of files, you will see some errors in the browsers and empty boxes in the Seek Preview.





Without Feeds

In the "media" block of your config you need to add a "metadata" block with the fields: previewThumbnailSrc, previewThumbnailWidth, previewThumbnailHeight and previewThumbnailCount.

media : {
   title : "VOD Sample",
   poster : '../resources/images/hd_world.jpg',
   duration : 30,
   source : [{
      src : ",150000,.mp4.csmil/master.m3u8",
      type : "application/x-mpegURL"
      previewThumbnailSrc: "../resources/images/abs-cbn/",
      previewThumbnailWidth: "112",
      previewThumbnailHeight: "63",
      previewThumbnailCount: "13",


The result will be the same as if you were using feeds.


Other details

The player expects some things:

  • “.png” extensions
  • “outXX.png” filenames, the "XX" represents numeric values, starting with 1, in increments of 1 unit, till the previewThumbnailCount is reached. Sample:
    • out1.png
    • out2.png
    • out3.png
    • and so on.




This document is part of Adaptive Media Player Web User Guide