Troubleshooting Android Preferences in Eclipse

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Troubleshooting Eclipse Builds in the post-compile Console

TouchTest for Android requires that the following ADT Preferences file is in Eclipse IDE in order for TouchTest post-compile to work. If enabled, the post_compile_touchtest.xml in the project root folder will contain the following:


In some cases, the property file is not created. This usually occurs if the user has never opened Android preferences and clicked Apply or OK to set preferences.

  1. To isolate this issue, use Eclipse Explorer to run your project.

  1. Then, check the Eclipse Console If you encounter issues running your Android project. For exmaple, the screenshot below indicates that the post_compile_touchtest item has terminated. Send the Console content in an email to SOASTA support if there is an error you cannot resolve, or if recording does not start. Use the steps below to resolve the post_compile_touchtest error
  2. If you see this message, do the steps in the next section to ensure that ADT Preferences are enabled (e.g. the preferences file was created previously).

Enabling Android Preferences in Eclipse

Use the following steps to add Android Preferences to your Eclipse workspace.

  1. In Eclipse, choose Eclipse menu > Preferences.
  2. Ensure that the SDK path is present and correct. If it is not present, add it.
  3. Click OK or Apply to create the post-compile preferences file noted above.
  4. Run the project again to ensure that this change has taken effect. Optionally, open the post_compile_touchtest.xml file