Case or Release Requires New TouchTest Agent (Android only)

Document created by DPM Admin Employee on Jul 18, 2017
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Whenever a release or a single Android issue documented in Release Notes has been marked requires new TouchTest Agent, this tag is applied to the corresponding case or build number in release notes. Getting the benefit of the specified fix will require re-installing the latest TouchTest Agent app for Android from the TouchTest Central > Resources page.

Note: Since the iOS version of TouchTest Agent is served as a page, this tag applies only to Android users.


Installing the TouchTest Agent on a Device

Use the following steps to download and re-apply the latest TouchTest Agent for Android app to your project(s):

  1. On your Android device, open the TouchTest Central > Resources page, Downloads section and download the TouchTest Agent Android app.

  1. Tap on the downloaded TouchTestAgent.apk file (usually found in the device's notification tray) to start Install. When the installer appears, tap Install to proceed.
  2. Once install completes, tap Open to launch the TouchTest Agent app on the Android device. When you do so, the app launches and the TouchTest Agent splash screen displays.
  3. Enter the CloudTest URL for TouchTest, which is your own server with /concerto/touchtest appended. For example:

    <CloudTest server>/concerto/touchtest

  4. Tap Go. The TouchTest Agent opens the provided URL and a spinner appears as the app auto-registers itself.
  5. Once the spinner disappears, enter your CloudTest user name and password and tap Login.
  6. When prompted, give the TouchTest Agent a name. For example Soasta Demo Nexus. Note that this name will be used throughout the product to refer to this device. Once entered the device name can only be changed by an Administrator.
  7. Click Submit for administrator approval.

Note: If you’re a CloudTest Lite user—you are already a Mobile Device Admin and you must approve this device yourself using the instructions in the TouchTest for Android Tutorial, Approving a Mobile Device (Device Admin or CloudTest Lite user) sect...