Obtaining the IP Addresses of the load generators

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Attached are scripts, for getting a list of the IP addresses from the load generators.  Since Global objects are not synchronized, if multiple tracks are trying to write to a global property simultaneously or nearly simultaneously, whichever track makes the last change, wins.  


So, there is an extra JS that goes in the beginning of this clip.  The script figures out which index the current track has, and then modifies the delay that comes right after this script by that index times 2000.  So, if the track index is 0, the delay is going to be 0 seconds, if the track index is 10, the delay is going to be 20 seconds.  This way each "what is my IP" message will execute sequentially and have enough time to write to the global property without having to deal with a race condition.  


To find out IP addresses of your load generators, use the composition called "Composition for My IP 2".  


In the track, put the number of servers equal to the number of servers in your grid (1 user per server):


After you run the composition (in General mode), in Result Details find the track that has the highest index.  I.e. If you have 120 servers in your grid, find the track that says "(copy 120 of 120).


Expand the track, and go to the script called "Print IP":


Switch to "Events List" tab and expand details for Global Property "Ips/IP List….. :


You can copy and paste this into a csv file