Acquia and Drupal Metrics

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In working with Acquia, they provided the following list of performance metrics that they watch on their rollouts for customers. NOTE: This is ACQUIA specific, and does not apply to all Drupal installations. Acquia rolls out on a customized Amazon machine image set they created which has things like Puppet for configuration management.


• CPU Load
• EBS Backup
• Memory usage
• MySQL available
• Network available
• Puppet client running
• Swap space
• Total procs
• User procs
• Zombie procs
• EBS mount on/off
• Root proc


• Apache CPU proc mon
• Apache status
• CPU load
• Check load
• GlusterFS CPU proc
• Memory usage
• Network bandwidth
• PHP CPU mon
• mnt
+ everything monitored on Databases


For Cloud Testing and monitoring of Drupal sites, the key pinch points are more common system resource metrics due to the nature of Drupal being on the LAMP stack. PHP uses Apache processes and CPU in order to execute since it's an interpreted language.


On the web server, things to watch are typically:

Web Server CPU, disk and network I/O, memory and Apache httpd process count, httpd process CPU usage


On the database side, things to watch are typically: 

Database CPU, memory, network and disk I/O, mysqld cpu usage.