How to get Device Logs for iOS and Android Apps

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When you are ready to record and if  your app is crashing on launch or is showing some kind of  abrupt behavior then taking a look at your device logs might help better understand what the problem could be.


To get the device logs, keep your device connected to your Laptop via USB


For iOS Apps:


1. Open Xcode

2. Click on Window in the menu bar and click on Windows --> then select Devices 

3. In the window that opens up , click on your Device


For iOS Simulator:


The iOS Simulator prints directly to stdout, so you can see the logs mixed with system logs.


1.  Open a Terminal and tail -f /var/log/system.log to see the simulator console messages.


To prune out system messages from your application messages, its recommended using grep:

tail -f /var/log/system.log | grep '<appname>'


For Android Apps:


1.Open your project in Eclipse.

2.Click on the open Perspective icon and select Java(default) and click OK.

3.See log information in the LogCat Perspective when launching the application for testing.


For TouchTest Web Android:


In terminal : 


adb logcat > log.txt


make the app crash again


kill the adb command


send log.txt


ps: adb executable is in PATH_TO_ANDROID_SDKS/platform-tools/adb