Dynamically update target HostNames in a clip

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Occasionally, the need may arise to point your tests to a different host than what they were originally configured for. In the cases that only one or two clips need to be changed, Mass Target Change may be sufficient, but when you need to change many clips at once, the following scripts will help.


This script will scan the clip for ALL targets, and replace the HostName for them:

/**  * Override all targets in a clip to newHostName

var newHostName = "myNewHost.com";

var clipTargets = $context.currentClip.targets;
for(var i = 0 ; i < clipTargets.length ; i++) {




This second script will reference a specific target by name, in this case the target is named "OverrideThisTarget", and update its host value.

/**  * Override specific target's host by name

var newHostName = "myNewHost.com";

var overrideTarget = $context.currentClip.getTarget("OverrideThisTarget");