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Browser actions are those actions a user performs using a web browser, including keystrokes, mouse actions, text entry, and system actions such as close or submit. These user actions are represented visually in SOASTA CloudTest as boxes with the operation name and target service logo on it.

In SOASTA CloudTest, browser actions are combined into Test Clips with other test clip components—such as checkpoints and delays--that correspond to the individual test case that the clip represents.

Browser actions can be recorded from any WebUI/Ajax target once it is selected in the Available Targets list and the Included Target is displayed in the Test Clip Editor.

Some generic browser actions are also provided in the Operations list in the Test Clip Editor. You can also add a new browser action using the Add New Browser Action icon on the Test Clip Editor toolbar. Recorded browser actions will require a good deal less editing.

Once the target site is displayed in the editor, simply perform the browser actions you want to capture.

Browser Action Types

In the Test Clip Editor, a given browser action equals some type of user action performed within the web browser context. Browser actions are categorized by Selenium type, each of which has a corresponding color assignment:

  • System actions, such as selectWindow and close, are blue.

  • Mouse actions, such as mouseOver and mouseOut, are green.


  • Generic browser actions with noOp are silver./li>


  • Keyboard operations are orange.


Defining Generic Browser Actions

The Test Clip Editor records browser actions, but you can also add them using the Add New Browser Action button on the toolbar, or by adding the noOp from the Operations list for the given target.

A browser action that has no operation (noOp) is silver. The noOp is given its designation because it has no target and operation. Using noOp is an easy way to add a new browser action to a test clip when you want to use a different target than the one on which the open test clip is based.

To set a target and operation for a browser action that has no operation, select and right-click it, and then select Choose Target and Action from the context menu.