Using Line Breaks

Document created by Chris Sommerstad Employee on Jul 21, 2017
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The Clip Editor supports the use of “line breaks” similar to those used in text-based programming code. Line breaks break end the row and improve the display by forcing items before or after a break to a new row. For example, in a test clip with 50 clip elements, you can right-click on a given element, select "Insert Line Break" and the clip elements following that element will move down to the next row.

Inserting a Line Break

  1. To insert a line break comment in Icon or List view, first select the clip element before the desired insertion point.

  1. Right-click the selection.
  2. To break a row before the selection, choose the Insert line break before command. The Line break before command appears only for the first item of the first row in a test clip.

  1. To break a row after the selection, choose the Insert line break after command. In the example below, all items after the Chain1 selection will be moved to the next row.

In the example on the right, all the items after Chain1 now occupy the next row. Comments are not supported at this time.

In List view, select the row and right-click.

In List view, the line break is represented by an empty row.

Removing Line Breaks

  1. To remove a line break, select the first clip element after a break, right-click and then select Remove line break before.

Similarly, in list view, select the first clip element after a break.

Note: Line break commands can also be accessed using the Etc. (…) menu.