Removing Clip Elements from Containers

Document created by Chris Sommerstad Employee on Jul 21, 2017
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Each of the collection types has a corresponding "Remove Clip Elements from..." command that can be used to undo the selected container, leaving its children as individual clip elements in the test clip. Pages, which have an HTML Document as their basis, are covered separately in the brief instructions below.

Remove Clip Elements from Page

To break up a page and include its HTML Document and resource messages as regular messages in the clip, use the unpage right click menu option. First, expand the page and then right-click to select the Remove Clip Elements from Page command. The clip elements are unpaged in the order shown.

Removing Clip Elements from Chains, Groups, Transactions, If-Then-Else, and Switch Containers

To remove clip elements from a chain, group, transaction, if-then-else, or switch, right-click the container element and choose Remove Clip Elements from ...