Why doesn't my SOASTA Conductor show interfaces?

Document created by DPM Admin Employee on Jul 21, 2017
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SOASTA Conductor requires a network interface list from the user's system in order to do packet level recording. The contents of this list are used to populate the Recording Editor's Interface list. In the absence of at least one known (network) Interface, CloudTest will allow HTTPS recording, but packet level recording cannot take place.

 The possible causes of an empty Recording Editor > Interface list (OS-specific) are listed below: 


WinPcap is required for packet-level recording using the Recording Editor.

If WinPcap is missing the Recording Editor > Interface list will be empty. Either WinPcap was never installed or it was removed (e.g. via the Control Panel, Add or Remove Software).



The conductor must be run as root to enable packet-level recording.


Mac OS X

The files located in the client's /dev/bpf* directory must be world-readable to enable packet-level recording. For example, using Terminal to apply: 


chmod a+rw 


to all the bpf* files (bpf0, bpf1, bpf2, etc.).


Conductor tries to handle this on behalf of the user, but there are some cases where the OS will randomly toggle the permissions, breaking packet-level recording until the next time Conductor starts.