Why Does the mPulse JavaScript Get a 403 Error on a Non-Registered Domain?

Document created by B-F-F08DRX Employee on Jul 21, 2017
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If the servers you use for development have a different domain from the one registered using the Configure App box, you will normally get a "403 Unauthorized" response from the mPulse JavaScript. This is a security mechanism to prevent third parties from copying the tag from your site and using it on their own site.

The Development Server List (Configure App box, General tab) is provided so that the App Admin can authorize one or more comma-separated development domain(s) and prevent these 403 errors. Data points generated from pages served on these domains are excluded from your overall metrics so that your Real-User Data is not tainted.

The Development Server List also allows the App Admin to validate the setup of the mPulse snippet and config values passed in config.js in your non-production environment.