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An Akamai Community Top Contributing Employee is an internal Akamai employee who makes exceptional and regular contributions to the Akamai Community throughout a calendar year; either publicly or in a group. Contributions include creating blogs, documents, video's, answering questions, marking questions as correct, marking content helpful or liking, following other members or becoming a thought leader by having a significant number of followers. 


An Akamai Community Top Contributing Employee can live in any country. These employees share their accomplishments and activities in their public profiles on Akamai Community and social networks, making it easy for the  community members to learn more about them and their contributions, and engage with them.


Qualifications for Akamai Community Top Contributing Employee

Actively advocates for Akamai within the community and beyond

  • Uses social media channels to help spread the word about Akamai Community. Uses social media channels (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Connections, podcasting, and others) to drive awareness to community topics and events.
  • Helps Akamai share the success of the Akamai Community by providing quotes, success stories, or videos that can be shared on the community and used for promotion at Akamai Edge and other conferences.
  • Work within Akamai to encourage continued use of Akamai Community in both public and private account team groups to promote community engagement
  • Explores ways to reach outside the current community sphere to reach new audiences.
  • Participates in a private group for Elite members to develop other ideas about how to become better evangelists


Demonstrates Akamai expertise by creating & sharing content in the community


  • Shares expertise through comments and replies to Akamai Community content
  • Shares knowledge by creating blogs, documents, videos, or discussions on best practices, lessons learned and other topics of interest to our members.
  • Provides feedback by marking answers correct, or marking “helpful” or liking content.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions on product usability and documentation
  • Helps Akamai improve on products and solutions by actively participating in beta programs, usability studies and other types of research in the community.
  • Organizes or connects members by following places, members, tags or topics.

Educates and help other members to foster community engagement

  • Is active in the community on a regular and consistent basis
  • Provides clear, thorough, and accurate answers to help educate others
  • Communicates honestly, openly, professionally, and respectfully (for example, keeps private conversations private or complies with NDAs)
  • Starts, leads and/or participates in events; i.e. Ask the Expert
  • Participates in the Akamai Community private Expert Member group on a regular basis to help implement new and innovative ways of growing the community
  • Helps mentor new community members in your company and drive them to the  community or invite them to your private account group.
  • Participate in your private account team collaboration group
  • Earns a minimum of 2500 points in a calendar year. *

*The first 2017 Award will be based on a cumulative score through September 30th, 2017 of a minimum of 5000 points   Points may change in each term, but will be fixed for the 2017 and 2018 awards.


Earn acknowledgement as an Akamai expert


  • Followed by a significant number of members that indicates the you know the ins and outs of Akamai's solutions.
  • Typically a Top Contributor / Subject-Matter-Expert that specializes in a specific solution, while others share their expertise across several areas




Benefits of being an Akamai Community Top Contributing Employee

  • Special visibility, recognition in the Akamai Community. The profiles of Top Contributing Employees have special designations with a unique icon on their profile picture.
  • Participation in the exclusive private Akamai Community Elite community group.
  • Recognition at the Edge Conference.
  • An Akamai Community Top Contributing Employee open badge through the Akamai open badge program, which allows you to have a verified digital credential to use in social media and networking sites.


Duration of the Akamai Community Top Contributing Employee designation


Akamai Community Top Contributing Employees  receive the title for one year, during which they can enjoy the benefits listed above. Your badge through the open badge program will stay in place for the prior year, so that it will remain on your social media channels. Being named Akamai Community Top Contributing Employee one year does not automatically guarantee that you will remain in the program the following years. Akamai also reserves the right to remove the Expert status before the 12-month term ends in line with the Akamai Community Terms of Use.












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