Adaptive Media Delivery (AMD) and Content Preparation

Document created by Josh Cheshire Employee on Aug 7, 2017
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If you are working with Content Preparation (Transcoding) to create HDS content, and are attempting to stream it with Adaptive Media Delivery, there's a key piece of information in our AMD User Guide that you will need to ensure it works correctly.


AMD with Pre-packaged Streams

If you are delivering your streams from pre-packaged files, as opposed to pre-segmented files (for example, your content is comprised of contiguous fragmented MP4 files and not individual MP4 chunks--such as content transcoded via the MSOD: Content Preparation product), you’ll need to append the “pkz=1” query parameter to the playback URL:



This query string parameter is a binary on/off flag that tells our Edge servers to translate the fragment requests into byte-range requests, rather than making requests for individual fragments.


If you don't use this, you will find the F4M manifest will result in an HTTP/1.1 200 success, but all of the subsequent fragment requests will result in HTTP/1.1 404 errors.