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Your experience and business needs are what matter most.  Thanks to your feedback, our teams have been working on projects to address your most critical priorities and business needs. Since our last update, our teams have been working on a number of initiatives to ensure your experience with Akamai is faster and easier.  


Below is a brief insight into some of those key areas and improvement initiatives:

  1. Improved Product Experience
  2. Improved Documentation Experience
  3. Improved Akatec Experience


Improved Product experience

As we announced at this year’s Edge conference, we’re developing some new product experiences that will help our customers work faster and easier. They’re based around two ideas: personalization and ease of use.



Personalization deals with how well products meet all Akamai user needs—from systems administrators to developers. We’re starting with four key tasks that complement each other:

  • Getting started. Discovering, trying, and enabling services quickly on your own. For example, you can create configurations in just a few minutes without any previous knowledge of content delivery networks or Akamai.
  • Managing your services. Helping you focus on what matters most to you. The new control center is organized around your goals rather than our apps.
  • Analyzing value. Understanding value through cost and performance. Reports can save you time and increase efficiency.
  • Learning Akamai. Learn to use Akamai and get answers where and when you need them. (More details in the Documentation section below.)


Ease of use

Our goal is to make Akamai products easy to use, so users can complete the task they set out to do effectively and efficiently.

To get there, we’ve simplified and modernized our user interface under a new framework—what we’re calling the Arc Design System. Arc leverages modern industry standards and makes what’s important to you easy to access and easy to use.


What’s next

Some of our new product experiences are available now.


Improved Documentation experience

You’ve asked for searchable and accessible documentation and more self-service content. We’re delivering!


Akamai documentation web site

Learn Akamai ( is Akamai’s new home for help, product docs, quick-start guides, release notes, and more. No matter if you’re a user, admin, or developer, you can quickly find the assistance you need with easy-to-use navigation or integrated search. Best of all, content is available publicly at


Quick-start guides and cheat sheets

We’ve created a new series of short reference materials on a range of Akamai products and solutions like Kona Site Defender, PAPI, Cloudlets, and Image Manager.


Hands-on workbooks

Our new hands-on workbook tutorials are designed to help you learn Akamai in a step-by-step, self-paced way. Get started with Akamai, learn about performance testing, use APIs from the command line, and more.


Want to learn more?

Read about the transformational changes in Akamai’s process and delivery that makes our content a lot easier for you to find and to use.


Improved Akatec experience

You have told us while connecting with Akamai Technical Support, you cared most about Sense of Ownership and Timely Resolution.


We have focused on giving you more meaningful updates, more often - our 2017 case communication updates increase by 25% vs 2016.

We are also resolving critical issues faster than before - Our Severity 1 cases are resolved 30% faster than in 2016.


To learn more about any of these programs and initiatives, please contact your Account team at Akamai.

Thank you and keep your feedback coming

Akamai Customer Experience Team