Conductor fails to start and throws java.exe error

Document created by B-F-F08DRX Employee on Nov 28, 2017
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If the conductor fails to start and throws error, check if the Conductor.proxies.dat file is present in your local temp directory.


If present,please delete this file  %TMP%\Conductor.proxies.dat   and then restart the conductor.


This particular problem happens when Conductor crashes/quits/machine dies/something bad happens while the Conductor is recording. If the Conductor dies during recording, it doesn't get the chance to delete Conductor.proxies.dat file before quitting.


So, when you restart Conductor, it sees that the file is still present and tries to reset the settings. Because this happens at the Conductor start, we end up in a crash loop.


One way to avoid this situation is for users to manually configure the proxy settings when they start Recording.

Although, before thats possible, we need to make sure that Conductor does not try to configure proxy settings and lets the user do it.


For that, you can create a file called "SOASTA Conductor.vmoptions" inside the SOASTA Conductor directory and restart Conductor.


You will have to put this line inside the "SOASTA Conductor.vmoptions" file -