mPulse: Changing your version of Boomerang

Document created by Alexis Tosteson-Garcia Employee on Dec 6, 2017
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There are a few things you should keep in mind when changing the version of Boomerang served on your Akamai mPulse app:

  • CDN caching - It will take a few minutes to start serving the new Boomerang version to your visitors due to CDN caching, and several days for all of your visitors to get the new version due to the way Boomerang is cached by user's web browsers.
  • Testing - We do extensive testing of Boomerang before releasing a new version to customers. We suggest you also test the new version on a staging domain, if possible.
  • Monitoring - We suggest you monitor your dashboards after selecting a new version to ensure everything is working correctly. If you have System Annotations enabled your mPulse charts will display an annotation marking when your Boomerang version change was applied and you can easily track any changes in your dashboards.