Magdalena Szyszka

Describe your Company Office in just a few words. Can you?

Blog Post created by Magdalena Szyszka Employee on Dec 14, 2017

When you're working in a company for more than a few months or even a few years, it’s easy to get used to its culture, philosophy, values, and unique style. You become part of this world, of this organism, and it’s so natural that you probably haven’t even noticed how it happened.


Do you remember what impressed you most at the very beginning? What made you feel that you are in the right place? These are my “magic” words.



Imagine your first few days at work…

Like me, you are probably mostly stressed and overthinking everything. Should your clothes be more casual or formal? Maybe you shouldn’t wear this or that. How should you behave? What should you say? Or maybe it’s better to say nothing at all?

You sit through the introduction, meet new people, walk around to get to know the office, and finally sit down with your new team. Hmmm still feel stressed? What would you say if there was another way? Sounds weird and unlikely? Not at Akamai.

A welcoming attitude and a friendly work environment are here all the time. You are not anonymous. When you enter a kitchen full of people, you can be sure there will be no awkward silence. Instead, you’ll feel as if we’d known each other forever.

Being open means not being afraid, means making your voice heard. We want to hear you!



Fun, joy, and positive emotions are our office brand. They are instilled here. Wondering what exactly this can mean? It’s simple. We are working in a flexible, I would even say in an uplifting atmosphere and cheerful mood. Who wouldn’t want to be happy at work and approach every day with laughter?

Achievements are celebrated, appreciated, and rewarded. We are motivated to enjoy ourselves, but also to compete. Any ideas on how to blow off steam between tasks and bring a ton of team spirit? We have a game room, ping pong competitions, squash competitions, Endomondo challenges, biking trips, massages, Talent Shows, and… the list is pretty much endless. Anyone needs an escape now and then? Party calendar is always in place to give us something to look forward to.

What makes us happy and gives us fun comes directly from our hearts. This refers not only to our office community, but also to other people. We support great charity initiatives, take part in Business Runs, raise funds for the “Noble box”, orphanages, or other associations and foundations, such as “Równa Szansa” or “Mam marzenie”.

Without Fun, IT Sucks!



Let’s not think of diversity like it’s only a catchy buzzword or a tactic to embrace individuals regardless of their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. I don’t want to repeat myself, because, as I already mentioned, we are open here, so all differences and various perspectives are respected and valued.

Recognizing diversity as a true value that goes beyond numbers – this is how we view the world. It strengthens our company and it strengthens us.

We have a diversity group that exposes people to new ideas, encourages acceptance, and shows new possibilities for us to benefit from our differences.

Fancy dancing swing or baking Italian desserts? Hmmm... doesn’t quite feel like diversity to you? To be honest, it wasn’t the first thing I thought of either, but why not?! Diversity Summit held in our office also encourages us to celebrate diverse passions, cultural backgrounds, origins, and identity.

The possibilities to make your company the perfect place to work at are endless.



You did a great job and want to share the news? Speak up. You made a big mistake? Speak up.

It sounds weird, doesn’t it? Surprisingly, it’s completely normal.


Our CEO and leaders are not afraid to admit when something goes wrong. Instead of hiding the evidence or shifting the blame, they own up to it. If they can, why shouldn’t we do the same? You’ve already impressed your manager – that’s why you were hired – so don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are not sure, to speak your mind, and to provide and seek constructive feedback.


The goal of being transparent seems obvious, as less information means less certainty for investors. But it’s not only to improve performance but also to improve our lives. When we see the big picture, track the numbers from one week to another, it’s easier to predict where we will be next month or year. We become players – partners in the business, because transparency brings trust.


Open yourself up to more feedback.