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Akamai Community 2015 Recap

Blog Post created by Jennie Leigh Employee on Jan 4, 2016


2015 was a very successful year for the Akamai Community! The Community has grown to over 10,000 members who collaborate in both the public forums and private account groups. 900+ thought leadership blogs were written by our Akamai Experts and regular “Ask the Expert” events were held in 2015. There is exclusive content for our customers and partners, such as our Knowledge Base Articles, and the community is now available to guests as of April 2015. Check out the progress to-date, new functionality added in 2015 and what’s planned for 2016.

2015 Progress by the numbers for 2015:

  • 10,500 registered members globally to-date
  • Most popular communities: 
    1. Web Performance
    2. Developer Community
    3. Media Delivery
  • Most popular open groups:
    1. Korea User Group
    2. Women In Technology
    3. Tech Meetup - JP
  • 200 + Private Account Groups for Customers and Partners
  • 3 + Million Views
  • 7,075 pieces of content - including 1707 Knowledge Base Articles (exclusive for customers and partners
  • Geographic traffic split: 50% America’s, 20% EMEA, 30% Asia-Pacific
  • 96% of questions have responses

Ask the Expert 200 x 150.jpgAsk The Expert Sessions
During 2015 we held the following Ask The Expert Sessions - check them out if you did not get a chance to participate.

If you have a topic that you are interested in please contact
thought leadership.jpegThought Leadership / Blogs
Here are the top 5 blogs for 2015. Be sure you follow the author for future blogs.

  1. Using Akamai Pragma headers to investigate or troubleshoot Akamai content delivery

  2. Under the covers of the HTTP/2 Performance Demo on

  3. When Your Metrics Mislead You

  4. Useful tools for HTTP/2 debugging

  5. Enabling HTTP/2 (H2) in Akamai

new.jpeg2015 New Features & Functionality

  1. Some of the New Communities added in 2015:
    1. akamai’s [state of the internet]
    2. Industries: Financial Services, High Tech, and Commerce. (More coming in 2016)
    3. Service Incident Notification
    4. Customer Advocacy Program
    5. Security Research and Intelligence
    6. Regional News & Events for Asia Pacific & Japan, EMEA and Americas

  1. Akamai Knowledge Base Articles now exclusively available for customers, partners and employees! All externally facing Salesforce Knowledge Base articles are available in the community and sync’ed every 30 minutes to stay up-to-date.  This added an additional 1700 documents in the community to promote knowledge sharing and self-service! We look forward to our customers and partners commenting and rating the articles. 

  1. Akamai University - Akamai University, an education platform open to all customers of Akamai Technologies interested in learning about Akamai Products and Solutions. Julie will you update this when you get the space ready.


  1. Easier Login directly from the LUNA Homepage. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.51.02 AM.png

What’s Planned for 2016Happy New Year 2016.jpeg2016 is going to be another exciting year for the Akamai Community - we have quite a bit planned to help our customers and partners manage and support your Akamai solutions and services!
Layout & NavigationAs part of the migration to a Cloud environment we are refreshing our overall look & feel, and improving the navigation for an even better customer experience. This is planned for a late Q1 roll-out. Can’t wait for you to see it!!
New Features & FunctionalityWith the migration to the Cloud there will be many, many new features that will be implemented. Here are just a few of the 80 new features:

  1. News Streams: Refocuses the community around a News Page that is designed to deliver content tailored to each individual. Important company communications combine with custom streams that users can configure to create their tailored News View.
  2. Follow a Tag: Users will be able to follow tags in customs streams. You currently can follow places or people… but this will give you the opportunity to follow a specific topic / tag.
  3. Role Badges: Easy to identify the role of the member - customer, partner, guest or employee

New Communities

  1. What’s New for Solutions and Services
  2. More Industry Focused Communities
  3. Additional Private Account Groups for Customers & Partners - do you have a group yet? If not, ask your akamai account rep to get one created?

New Strategic Programs

  1. Enhanced Gamification & Rewards
  2. Support Case Functionality
  3. Partner Engagement
  4. Community Advocates Program & Recognition

feedback.jpeg  Akamai Community Feedback

We would appreciate your feedback on the Akamai Community by taking  a very short 5 question survey.

Stay tuned for another exciting year for the Akamai Community! If you have any questions please contact