Adam Walsworth

Technical Support - Efficiently Opening A Case

Blog Post created by Adam Walsworth Employee on Nov 20, 2014

We've all done it many times for services that we subscribe to and find technical issues with the product. The dreaded opening of a case. Why must we go through so much back and forth with all this information you ask yourself. Why doesn't the company already know all my information after all it is their product right?


With Akamai having over 140,000 servers worldwide for which any of them may or may not be exhibiting the problem you have it is essential to have very specific details ready when you open a case. In fact the more data that you have the better it is for us to find that "needle in the haystack" in our logs. Here are a list of data points that are requested either through email or collected through user input on Luna.


Exact URL of problematic content. - Being specific about a misbehaving object keeps us on task and helps us so that we don't have to weed out everything that is actually working on a website.


Client IP Address - Helpful for last mile issues where only a few users are experiencing problems. Helps to filter out good client requests on our servers.


Clients DNS IP Address - We use this to determine what region a client resolved the hostname to during a specified time period.


Time issue started. - This helps us in being able to look at the issue before and after the problem occurred. It's very helpful in that we can look at variables that may have changed to cause the problem such as configuration changes, software updates on the network, regional load levels, and maintenance activities.


Reproduction - If the issue has been reproduced it is very helpful to collect more detailed data points by using capture tools like Charles, Fiddler, browser header capture plugins, etc. I can't say enough about getting reproductions through a Charles capture file. Why is that? Because Charles captures the exact time, the exact URL, and the exact IP address of the server returning the error.


In summary remember that being able to efficiently resolve an issue is very dependent on the data we receive upon the opening of a case. With the massive amounts of log data on our systems we need to be able to hone in on as much specific data as possible. As Jerry Maguire said, "Help me help you!"