Adam Walsworth

Digital Media Troubleshooting Tip Of The Day: Roku TCPDump

Blog Post created by Adam Walsworth Employee on Aug 27, 2015

As you find yourself developing digital media content for delivery over the Roku device you may find the need to capture packets being delivered through the Akamai network. The following are steps to enable logging TCPDump on the Roku.


Enabling Development Mode on your box


Before you are able to load a development application to your box, you must enable development mode on your Roku Streaming Player. When you enter the special remote control sequence: Home 3x, Up 2x, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right.


You will be presented with the Developer Settings page where you can enable developer mode on the box. When developer mode is enabled, you can access the tcpdump page as specified in the next section.


Enabling tcpdump on your Roku box


To enable tcpdump packet traces on the Roku box, enter the remote code: Home 5x, FF 3x, Rewind 2x.  Please note that this will only work if the device is in developer mode.


This brings you to a "secret" screen, where you can select: "enable debug logging"


tcpdump is now enabled on the box. It creates a circular log of packet traces that can be accessed at http://rokuPlayer-ipaddress/pkgs/ in log0,log1,log2,log3 that can be filled circularly.


Once the log is downloaded to your host, you can view it in your favorite tcpdump viewer. A popular viewer is available at