Dave Lewis

DDoS Attacks Continue To Rise

Blog Post created by Dave Lewis Employee on Feb 9, 2015

I'm very happy that going forward I will be a part of the State of the Internet security report team. In support of the report I was able to churn out a post about it for Forbes.


From Forbes, "DDoS Attacks Continue To Rise"




"One of the more interesting parts of my day job at Akamai Technologies is that I have access to all sorts of security research. An information junkie’s fantasy land. One of these items is in the form of the Akamai State of the Internet security report.


What struck me about this research was the sheer increase in volume of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks from the last quarter. An increase of 57% was noted from just one year earlier. Nothing to sneeze at. One of the main drivers that helped to raise this number was a 241% increase in the number of attacks that leveraged SSDP floods..."


For the full article you can find it here.


I'm looking forward to the chance to contribute to the report. Is there anything you'd like to see contained in the report that historically wasn't there? Just drop me a note or leave a comment.